Sunday, July 02, 2006


LibX is an extension for the Firefox browser which provides you access to your library's resources. Provided by Virginia Tech, it is distributed under the Mozilla Public License and seems to be easier to customize than others. From the website, this toolbar includes:
  • The "Magic Button" - simply select an article title and have Scholar & the OpenURL resolver deliver an appropriate (accessible, "paid-for") copy. This is a feature we use daily for our own research, it's proved to be a tremendous time saver.
  • Lookups of a complete book title, author, or ISBN - usually by selecting & right-clicking on a webpage.
  • Proxying a page or link when coming from off-campus.
  • Using cues to get from pages that a user frequently uses to the library catalog.
  • Improvements to vendor-provided pages.
[from LibrarianInBlack]

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