Wednesday, July 05, 2006


The Flock browser is based on Firefox and it still in beta -- but it has some very interesting capabilities:
  • Manipulating photos for blogs or personal spaces (MySpace, FaceBook) is much easier
  • Search provides results as you type and from multiple sources
  • Subscribing to RSS feeds can be a one-click function
  • Blogging into a specific service can be done via Flock
  • Creating Favorites is easy and can automatically feed into your social bookmarks service
It's not all there yet. Their release notes state that you cannot:
  • View your favorites by tag
  • Upload photos directly from a camera in Windows
  • Use Flock via a proxy server
  • Export Favorites to a file
  • Import Favorites from anywhere but Firefox the first time
If you are OK with these limitations, which I assume will be dealt with in future releases, this looks like a great browser to try!

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