Sunday, July 02, 2006

Chief Security Officer for

Update: is also changing some of its policies toward its younger users:
  • Specific types of advertisements will not be shown to users under 18.
  • Older users must know more than a user name in order to contact users under 18; they must know either their first and last names or their email address.
  • Members can designate their profiles as "private" and only available to a specific set of friends.
FYI: These policies work only if the users set their age correctly. [from New York Times] *********************** has been in the news lately for the ease of finding personal information about its users. Partially in response to this, they have created and filled a Chief Security Officer position. Hemanshu Nigam, director of consumer security outreach and child safe computing and Microsoft, has been hired. will also initiate an advertising program, focused on young people and Internet safety. [from New York Times]

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