Sunday, May 14, 2006

Consumer Reports' "The End of Privacy"

The June 2006 issue of Consumer Reports has a good, understandable article about RFID and privacy. It discusses the basics of how RFID works, how and in which areas it is proliferating, why privacy is an issue and how information can be stolen. Good overview for those that know little about the technology.


Anonymous said...

actually, I found the article needlessly alarmist. they didn't explain HOW the technology works, including the critical difference between active and passive tags.

the poor reader was led to believe that Someone could drive through a neighborhood and scan for books and DVDs (for example) to determine what we're reading/watching. Bah.

Christine Peterson said...

So, are you saying that the information on an RFID is safe from intrusion? In my reading on RFID, I've gathered that it is vulnerable. I might be wrong -- I haven't had a chance to actually use RFID.