Friday, April 14, 2006

Search Google (Sort Of) on your Cell Phone

Google's new service -- of course, in beta -- is Google Short Message Service (SMS). You can send short messages to Google (without Internet service) and response brief responses. Although you cannot search the Google database, you can find:
  • Business listings by geographic area
  • Residential listings (for those publicly listed)
  • Driving directions (without the map)
  • Movie showtimes by geographic area
  • Weather by geographic area
  • Stock quotes
  • Fact-based questions
  • Product prices (using Froogle)
  • Definitions
  • Sports scores (for in-season sports; for NBA, NCAA basketball, NHL, MLB, NFL)
  • Up to 2 excerpts from search results from a Google search
  • Calculator
  • Translator
  • Currency conversion
  • Area code look-up
  • Zip code look-up
As you've probably guessed, there are some syntax rules for getting this information. However, they have also provided a wallet-sized tip sheet to carry with you. They are also looking for more types of information you might want over your cell phone. For other, more technical questions, check out their FAQ.

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