Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Internet Explorer Version 7 Beta Available

Update: BetaNews provides more detail on the technical side of IE 7:
  • CSS has improved
  • PNG is supported
  • Native support for XMLHTTP
The site, Add-Ons for Internet Explorer, allows you to extend the browser's initial functionality. It looks like it is similar to Firefox's extensions. They've categorized their add-ons:
  • Security (online protection, parental controls, pop-up blockers, privacy)
  • Time Savers (e.g., auto-fill forms, bookmark managers, developer tools, feeds)
  • Browsers (offline browsers, other browsers)
  • Entertainment (e.g., animation players, design tools, music players, video players)
If you install this version 7 beta, it will replace version 6, but you will be able to uninstall to go back to 6. The final version will install over the beta. [from BetaNews] ****************** The beta version of Internet Explorer 7 is now available to the public. PCMag.com has a good overview of the software, as well as many screenshots. Some highlights:
  • Well implemented tabbed browsing (Quick Tabs, adding group of tabs as Favorites, allowing multiple tabs as Home Pages
  • Streamlined toolbars
  • Allowing your choice of default search engines
  • RSS detection/reader
  • Identification of suspected and known phishing sites
  • Improved print preview
It sounds like IE 7 is better than IE 6, but the writer of this column will still be staying with Firefox. Hopefully, the final version will fix the current outstanding problems. [from PCMag.com]

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