Thursday, March 30, 2006

Store 'n' Go Pocket Hard Drives

Verbatim has a line of portable hard drives -- Store 'n' Go - that are larger than a flash drive, but smaller than other portable drives. It's less than 3 inches square, has a USB connector, is less than 3 ounces, and can hold up to 8 gigabytes of information. With the current versions, Windows users can install and use software off the drive. Costs range from around $100 for the 4gb version to $200 for the 8gb. For those of us that travel, this could be very helpful. You would need to be in a place that already had a computer for you -- or at least a USB port. Plugging into the USB port would give you many/most of your home files. There is a limited set of software you can actually install on the drive -- would be more helpful if I could install, say, PowerPoint. Then I could come into a conference, use the existing computer, plug my drive in and everything would be exactly as I had created it. As it is, I could bring my files and rely on the computer's software. It has possibilities . . . [from New York Times]


davistech said...

Check out "portable apps" here:

You can install a portable version of OpenOffice that can read/write powerpoint files along with many other useful programs and utilities. All are free and all will operate of your portable hard drive.

Christine Peterson said...

I wasn't sure about being able to load software not listed on their website. When you read the website, it looks like you are limited to just that list. If that isn't true, then this could be very helpful. Thanks!