Tuesday, November 29, 2005

I/O Brush

Instead of painting with paint, you can paint with . . . video of real objects. From the MIT Labs, the I/O Brush (a prototype) looks like a large brush with a circular head. When the brush touches a surface an embedded video camera takes a video of the object. You can then use the brush on a canvas (currently, they are using a touch screen with rear projection). The resulting "paint" is the video just shot. It really didn't make sense to me until I saw it work. From the website:
There are many paint/drawing programs on the market today that are designed especially for kids. These let kids do neat things, but kids usually end up playing only with the "preprogrammed" digital palette the software provides. The idea of I/O Brush is to let the kids build their own ink. They can take any colors, textures, and movements they want to experiment with from their own environment and paint with their personal and unique ink. Kids are not only exploring through construction of their personal art project, but they are also exploring through construction of their own tools (i.e., the palette/ink) to build their art project with.
[from SIGIA-L]

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