Friday, November 11, 2005

Filtering Cell Phone Content

According to the New York Times, major cell phone carriers have agreed to provide ratings, similar to those used for movies and video games, for content they provide. This does not include Internet content downloaded to these devices. They will start with just two ratings -- general interest and restricted content (appropriate for those over 18). They have agreed that they will not start this rating system until they have developed a filtering technology for their content. A couple of things -- the carriers will be rating only content that is purchased via the cell phone. I assume this would include options such as movies, games, and TV shows. Much of this content is already rated, so that should make it easier. The most interesting thing is that the carriers are developing filtering technology. Don't we already have companies selling filtering technology? Many of us use it on a daily basis. So, why would major corporations have to develop their own? Why not just purchase one of the filtering companies or use an existing product? I'd love to know what they're developing. [from Edupage]

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