Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Usability and Blogs by Nielsen

Jakob Nielsen's October 17th Alertbox is on Weblog Usability: The Top Ten Design Mistakes. Many of his ideas are based on his prior work with web site usability, but some are particular to blogs:
  • Author biographies are not necessary, although information about the author is important, as it provides your credentials.
  • Provide a photo.
  • Provide descriptive titles to your posts.
  • Link text should provide the reader with information conerening the link's destination.
  • Bring your best posts to the front page.
  • Provide navigation in addition to the calendar, e.g., categories.
  • Publish on a regular schedule.
  • The more focused your blog, the more likely you will have a loyal following.
  • Don't forget that your blog will be available in perpetuity -- your future boss may be reading it.
  • Use a domain name of your own, not one from the blogging service you use.
Nielsen provides a summary for each item. Definitely good reading! [from beSpacific]

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