Monday, October 10, 2005

Nine Library Webmasters Surveyed

Primary Research Group surveyed webmasters at nine well-known public libraries (one in Texas -- Houston Public). Based on these libraries, they have drawn the following conclusions:
  • Content management systems are a popular way to manage web sites.
  • The most popular library web pages include events calendars, basic library information, database gateways, and children's/teen pages.
  • The size of the library web staff is very small and most have other responsibilities. Most libraries use subject specialists to edit web pages.
  • Libraries try to provide unique content, e.g., interactive storytelling, educational games, librarian book reviews.
  • The children's/teen areas of the library web site has been a place for creative web development.
  • Digitization of special collections via the library web site is in the planning stages and should become more prevalent.
  • Many public libraries redesign their web sites every three years.
Additional conclusions as well as the rest of the report are available through Primary Research Group. Interesting conclusions. Although the size of the sample and the types of libraries make it difficult to generalize. I would say that for medium to large public libraries, these conclusions are probably pretty accurate. But there are many other public libraries, generally smaller, that have web sites much smaller and much less complex. [from Library Stuff]

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