Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Google IM and Google Talk

Summer is over and, unlike many of you, I'm just starting to catch up from a very busy spring and summer. Time to catch up on what I've been missing! Google now has a program which also allows you to send instant messages, email (Gmail) and now also allows you to talk to others. Google Talk is bringing all three of these communication methods together. Still in beta, it does require you to have a Gmail account. You can either get an invitation from someone that already has a Gmail account, or provide them with your mobile phone number. I might have missed it, but I don't think anyone else had pulled these three methods into a single interface before Google. It definitely has its advantages. However, most of the people I IM don't use Google. As a matter of fact, I use Trillian for IM because I work with people that use multiple IM networks. So, I figured that this was just another service that would stay within the Google sphere. As I started poking around the web site, I found that I was wrong. Google Talk is currently available to those using IM clients that support Jabber -- Trillian Pro is one of those. From their web site:
We're committed to open communications standards, and want to offer Google Talk users and users of other service providers alike the flexibility to choose which clients, service providers, and platforms they use for their communication needs.
Now, this could be very useful!

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