Monday, July 25, 2005

Open WorldCat Pilot Projects

OCLC will be piloting additional projects within the Open WorldCat service. Currently book and monograph holdings within WorldCat can be searched within web sites like Google and Yahoo! Pilot projects coming soon:
  • eSerials -- Electronic journal collections and their holdings will be incorporated into WorldCat. Using OpenURL, web users can be authenticated for access to the articles. This pilot will last 4 months.
  • Reference Service -- Within the results of a "Find a Library" search within Open WorldCat, some of the resulting libraries will have question marks next to them. This icon means that that library has a virtual reference service that can be used. This pilot will last 6 months.
  • Book Sales -- After titles are identified within Open WorldCat, web users will have the opportunity to purchase it, initially through Baker & Taylor. If you identify your library as part of the transaction, a portion of the proceeds will appear as credits to your OCLC FirstSearch Open WorldCat charge. No information on the length of the pilot for this one.
Watch for the evaluation of these services. Hopefully, we'll see a write-up. [from Library Stories] FYI: I work for Amigos Library Services, a non-profit organization that markets, sells, and support OCLC services in the Southwest.

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