Thursday, June 02, 2005

Sorting by Commercial vs. Informational

Yahoo! has a beta service that allows you to sort the search results -- from commercial to research-oriented. The service, Mindset, allows you to search the Yahoo! database and then set a slider to identify how you want the results sorted. For example, I put in "dallas cowboys" as the search phrase. The first set of results provided place the slider in the middle -- not too commercial, not too research-oriented. The top of the list was, of course, the Dallas Cowboys web site. When I moved the slider all the way to the commercial (or shopping) side, I saw citations for purchasing tickets and other Cowboys merchandise. When I moved the slide all the way to the researching side, the first citation was from the Wikipedia. It was followed generally by information about the Cowboys. Yahoo! is looking for comments, so let them know what you think!

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