Friday, June 24, 2005

Public Library Internet Access

According to a study from Florida State University, almost all -- 98.9% -- public libraries now offer free public Internet access. A few other things mentioned in the study:
  • 99.6% of public library outlets are connected to the Internet.
  • Public library outlets have an average of about 10 workstations each.
  • About 85% of public library outlets have insufficient workstations to meet patrons' needs at least part of the day.
  • The most common bandwidth is between 769kbps and 1.5mpbs (27%), followed by over 1.5mbps (20%) and between 129kbps and 768kbps (18%). Almost 22% of respondents didn't know their bandwidth. (Hmmm . . . )
  • Wireless access is available in 18% of public library outlets, with 21% more planning to have it within the next year. About 60% have no plans for wireless.
There is much more data in the final report. [from New York Times]

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