Thursday, April 07, 2005

Searching for Creative Commons Material

Yahoo has instituted a Creative Commons Search -- in beta, of course. The Creative Commons license allows an author or creator to identify exactly how their work(s) can be used. In some cases, the work is available for any use. However, you can limit the license in many ways, e.g., available for use if attribution is made and if used for non-commercial purposes. In Yahoo's search engine, you can limit the search to either:
  • content that can be used for commercial purposes.
  • content you can modify, adapt, or build upon.
Creative Commons has its own search engine available, but when I do the same search in both CC and Yahoo, I see more results from Yahoo. I couldn't find information explaining exactly how Yahoo is identifying CC materials in their searching. CC has its own logo, so it could be searching for that. However, some sites that are found don't have that logo -- at least I couldn't find it. Regardless I will use this search engine to find materials I can use for courses. Just for my own peace of mind, though, I will look for the CC license; if it is not there, I probably won't use it.

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