Saturday, March 12, 2005

Generation M

Although not a standard moniker, the Kaiser Family Foundation has released a study of "Generation M" (youth 8-18 years old) and their use of media. The news release provides some interesting statistics:
  • Media multi-tasking is common. The number of hours youth use non-school media has remained constant over the past five years, but since they frequently use more than one media at a time (e.g., go online while watching TV, playing GameBoy while listening to music on a portable CD player), they are exposed to more media than previously.
  • Youth are spending approximately 44.5 hours per week (a work week) using non-school media.
  • Almost 75% of youth read for pleasure about 43 minutes a day.
  • Youth that ranked lowest on a scale of contentedness (more likely to be sad or unhappy, have few friends, get into trouble) spend approximately 45 minutes more per day using media than those that are more contented.
There are many more interesting statistics in this report. If you have or work with youth, you should take the time to read it.

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