Thursday, March 17, 2005

Firefox Compability

Although I don't think that the Firefox browser is used by even 20% of the market, many services are providing compatible services. Two I saw just today: [Both from]


Anonymous said...

An interesting lead:
"Although I don't think that the Firefox browser is used by even 20% of the market..."

Another way to put that: "Now that a browser other than Internet Explorer may have more than 10% of the market..."

Until Firefox, it's been years since anything but IE had more than 5%; if Firefox has 10% to 15% (most likely), it's a breakthrough...and, to be sure, that 10% to 15% is rich in the kind of people who pay attention to what they're doing (and are thus core markets for browser add-ons). If I had to guess, I'd guess the market share among knowledgeable internet users is much higher, probably at least 25%. And I have no evidence to back up that guess. [Walt Crawford here, if you're wondering]

Christine Peterson said...

Good point. That lead was definitely on the negative side. I didn't mean to infer anything about the browser itself -- it's the one I prefer to use. I was trying to get across (although not well) that I find it interesting that Firefox is starting to see such acceptance, even though only a minority (about 20%?) of people use it.

I do understand that any non-IE browser having more than 10% market share is a break through. I thought it was surprising to see for-profit companies hitching themselves to the Firefox bandwagon (so to speak) even though it is still a minority browser. For companies that need to watch their bottom line, spending money to be sure their products are usable through Firefox is interesting to me. Of course, it may also mean that I don't understand the business world -- which I don't.

I would also agree that the acceptance rate among knowledgable Internet users is probably higher than casual users. This may indeed be the reason companies are working with Firefox -- for the future.