Monday, February 07, 2005


Yahoo has introduced a contextual search called Y!Q. It's in beta right now, but available for you to play with in a test version of Yahoo News. Look for the "Search Related Info" links. Click on it and you will see links to other stories/web pages that are similar. If you click on "Show All Related Results," you will see a search result screen. How? If you look at the HTML behind the test News, you will see a form with a call to a script on a Yahoo server. What is interesting is the search terms they are using. At least for Yahoo News, they are copying the title and summary from the front page and sending them to the script. Whatever the script is doing, it isn't just throwing those terms into the Yahoo search engine. The results are different. In addition to using it on the news, you can add this functionality to either Internet Explorer or Firefox. Just highlight terms in a web page and either click on the "Related Search" button (IE) or right click and choose "Query to . . . Y!Q" (Firefox). Or you can add this functionality to web pages you create. The HTML is available for anyone to use. You decide which search terms to send to the Y!Q server. You can also find a little background on this project at the Yahoo blog.

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