Monday, February 14, 2005

Verizon and MCI

Verizon has purchased MCI. I have to wonder who is next and how it will affect the telecommunications discounts and issues in Texas. Although Southwestern Bell has most of the local telephone business in Texas, Verizon has a good share, too. Verizon has a strong regional presence in some parts of the United States and will most likely be looking at expanding its services to MCI's business customers using MCI's networks. Of course, Verizon's wireless business ("Can you hear me now?") is another service that could be marketed to these business customers. In addition, Verizon hopes to cut costs by using MCI to connect calls between their local markets.'s article on the merger makes an interesting statement about data and wireless networks -- businesses are looking for a single provider for both. Cities and academia, too? We'll see . . .

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