Thursday, February 03, 2005

Firefox Extensions

If you are using Firefox as your primary - or secondary - browser, you may want to check out some of the extensions available. Firefox was created to be a simple, stripped-down browser as opposed to either Netscape or Internet Explorer. After having used the other browsers, there may be functions that you miss when you use Firefox. That's where extensions come in. Think of them as . . . accessories. Each extension does something very specific. For example:
  • MapIt allows you to search MapQuest from a right-click (context-sensitive) menu instead of going to
  • Google Preview allows you to see a small graphic of the home page for each Google search result.
  • GoogleBar is the same at the Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer. You can search Google from within Firefox.
  • DictionarySearch allows you to right-click on a word within a web page, choose "define," and see the definition from
  • Bandwidth Tester calculates how quickly data is downloading to your computer.
PC Magazine has an article on the Top 15 Firefox Extensions. You can find Firefox extensions (top rated, most popular, newest, and by category) at or go to Tools - Extensions in your Firefox browser.

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