Saturday, February 19, 2005

End User License Agreements (EULAs)

The Electronic Frontier Foundation, an organization which defends your rights in the online environment, has written a white paper about EULAs. It describes six common terms you will see in EULAs, what they mean and how they can be used:
  • Criticism of the product
  • Product monitoring
  • Reverse-engineering
  • Using this product with other products
  • Future changes in EULAs
  • No liability for faulty software
The article provides additional information concerning grass roots efforts to reform EULAs and the online version of the EULA -- Terms of Service (TOS). In the real world (at least in my real world), I usually don't have a choice in the software I load. Either it is an organizational decision, or a decision based on my lack of time (e.g., I need to load a program that will do something specific and I need it now). Either way, I usually scan the EULA and then accept it. This article, at least, helps me understand what I am agreeing to.

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