Tuesday, January 25, 2005

UNT and LoC Digitization Award

A little late, but since this is important . . . The Library of Congress has provided awards to 8 institutions and their partners to preserve at-risk, born-digital materials of cultural and historical value. Some of the projects include "the birth of the 'dot com' era, satellite mapping, public television programs, historical aerial photography, and opinion polls and voting records." Of the eight institutions, the University of North Texas is partnering with the California Digital Library, the lead institution, and New York University. Here's a summary of their project:
This award is for the collection of Web-based materials produced by local, state, regional and federal government agencies and other organizations that try to educate the public and influence government. The archives that will be built, using tools developed to capture and preserve these materials, will focus on local political activities and movements, such as the California gubernatorial recall election of 2003.
Great job, UNT, and good luck!

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