Monday, January 31, 2005

New MSN Search

Along with a new interface, MSN now has its own search engine. Until now, Microsoft used the Yahoo search engine. On the initial page, you can limit your search to the web, news, images, music, your desktop (if you download the MSN Toolbar), or Encarta. After your initial search, you have the ability to use the +SearchBuilder to refine the results. You can refine by:
  • simple Boolean or phrase
  • site/domain
  • web pages linked to a specific URL
  • country
  • language
  • how recently the page was updated
  • how popular the page is
  • how closely the result matches the search terms
The last three are especially interesting, as they are sliders. This search will come to Internet Explorer, too, so I expect to see it during the next Windows Update.

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