Friday, January 28, 2005

MARC Records for Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg produces freely available electronic versions of primarily printed materials that are either in the public domain or for which the owners have provided permission. Most of these files are text files, but there also are HTML, MP3, RTF, TeX, and XML files available for some materials. You can search or browse their catalog of approximately 15,000 documents. Some libraries have started providing these materials to their patrons. However, this usually meant creating a MARC record for each title. Project Gutenberg is now testing the use of MARC records with their files. In an email message through PACS-L, Michael Hart is asking for about 100 libraries to help him determine whether the provision of MARC records would increase the visibility and use of these electronic materials. You can choose the titles you wish and also customize the MARC records to your standards. If you are interested in helping with this study, contact Michael Hart directly --

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