Tuesday, January 11, 2005

IBM Opens Patents to Open Source Developers

IBM is providing use of 500 of their US patents, as well as their counterparts in other countries, to open source developers at no charge. Although the names of the patents mean very little to me, there is a list available for those of you that are more savvy than I am. The patents cover the following areas:
  • Interfacing
  • Storage management
  • Multi-processing
  • Data processing programming
  • Human interfacing
  • Database and data handling
  • Image processing and video technology
  • Human language processing
  • Compression, encryption, and access control
  • Software development & object technology
  • Internet, eCommerce, and industry specific
  • Networking and network management

What an incredible wealth of information now available for use in development (open source development, of course). I will be interested in seeing what develops from this generosity.

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