Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Trans Texas Corridor

On December 16th, the Texas Transportation Commission selected a vendor to develop TTC-35 (Oklahoma to Mexico portion of the Trans Texas Corridor). Remember that this corridor is supposed to provide:
  • separate lanes for passenger vehicles and large trucks
  • freight railways
  • high-speed commuter railways
  • infrastructure for utilities including water lines, oil and gas pipelines, and transmission lines for electricity, broadband, and other telecommunications services (emphasis is mine)

This Corridor should provide some type of conduit or infrastructure for broadband capabilities.

The press release from the Texas Department of Transportation states that the chosen group -- Cintra -- proposes to initially build a four-lane, divided toll road between Dallas and San Antonio by 2010. In return, Cintra would like a 50-year contract to maintain the toll road.

While this is interesting, I didn't see anything in this press release about providing telecommunications, or even conduits for telecommunications, in this project. Still, they may be there, but just a small piece of the project itself.

If you are interested, there should be more regional meetings in February and March 2005. Dates should be on the web site soon.

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